Your complete tanning guide

Whether it's your first spray tan or your 100th, following our prep guide will ensure a long lasting tan and a smooth application for you and our team of artists.

Take care of your spray tan, and it will take care of you

Why spray tan care

Let your artist know about any questions or concerns before your appointment begins. Your comfort and safety is our top priority!

Tip 5

Avoid applying perfume, serums, lotion, sunscreen, deodorant, makeup, or any other barriers on skin prior to your appointment.

Tip 4

Arrive to your appointment wearing dark-colored, loose fitting clothing. Sandals are recommended for best results.

Tip 3

For best results, shower, exfoliate, and shave the day before your tan. If possible, avoid using soaps with oils, parabens, or anything that might leave residue on your skin.

Tip 2

Complete all self-care and beauty services prior to your tanning appointment (manicures, pedicures, facials, hair appt., wax, laser, etc.)

Tip 1

Before Treatment

Don't let a good spray tan go to waste- you deserve to look and feel amazing

After care matters

When you are ready to say goodbye to your tan, start gently exfoliating the remaining solution to prepare for your next airbrush tan!

Tip 6

After your tan, avoid hot showers, hot tubs, and saunas for extended periods of time.

Tip 5

Moisturize your entire body twice daily ensuring a gradual fade over 7-10 days. CeraVe and Nécessaire are some of our favorites!

Tip 4

When you are ready to say goodbye to your tan, start gently exfoliating the remaining solution to prepare for your next airbrush tan!

Tip 3

If you received the Signature Airbrush Tan, rinse after 8 hours. If you received the Rapid Airbrush Tan, rinse after 2-4 hours depending on desired level. 

Tip 2

While your tan develops, avoid skin-contact with water, strenuous physical activity, and form-fitting clothing.

Tip 1

After Treatment

How often should I get a spray tan?

Questions = Answered

We recommend every two weeks to keep up your glow. We have clients who come in both more and less frequently depending on personal preference and the health of your skin (it's best to have a fresh base.)

What makes your tanning formula different? 

Our solution has been carefully formulated by a team of cosmeticians with 30+ years of experience. The solution is made to order in small batches without parabens, fragrances or alcohol. The ingredients stem from Ayruvedic principles and are ultra hydrating serum-based and rich in concentrations of natural, botanical ingredients.

What ingredients should I avoid post spray tanning? 

  • Products containing mineral oil, petroleum or parabens
  • Aerosol sunscreens
  • Exfoliating ingredients: Salicylic acid (BHA), lactic acid, glycolic acid (AHA)
  • Anti-acne products that exfoliate or dry the skin, such as Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Retinol
  • Fashion tape/ bandages 
  • Bar soaps

Will the bronzer transfer on my clothes and sheets?

We carefully apply the solution with a light bronzer so you will feel dry leaving Shade. Usually the bronzer does not transfer, although you might see some bronzer rub off on clothes and sheets so we always recommend wearing loose dark clothing to avoid transfer.

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